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Name:nakamoto yuta
Birthdate:Oct 26, 1995
Location:Osaka, Japan

nakamoto yuta

H E A L I N G S M I L E ; T A K O Y A K I P R I N C E

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(satoori) don't look down on me, abnormal summit is a lot of fun, americano, bananya for anime of the year, can't eat without taeyong, cats, chittaphon convinces me to do stupid things, cucumbers are berries, don't delude yourself, firetruck, gorae means whale, gryffindor apparently (boldness), hands up if you're feelin the vibe now, hansol stop spilling my secrets, i don't have many parts, i might be competitive, i'm not sentimental damare, i'm taller than hansol i swear, japan, kurobananya, limitless, messing with taeyong's cleanliness, naruto, nct, nct 127, new culture technology is the right way, october, okonomiyaki, osaka, ramen, say what you mean and mean what you say, scorpio, soccer, sushi, taeyong's bodyguard, takoyaki, team aigoo the true winners, tora-kun blue and jay adventures, udon, utensol for life, wagahai wa neko de aru, watermelon, yakisoba, year of the pig, yukkeuri
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